I’ve read through so many lists of how to break down writers block, I’m sure others have too, and after trying most if not all of them I’m really not sure what is working, what can work, or what is probably a waste of time.

Some can jump start that urge to write, but then once that urge is there a questions pops into my mind…”What the hell do I write about?” Seriously, I start writing whatever it is, or however I am suppose to write and once I’m done I have the urge to continue writing but nary a thought can tell me what to write about.


“Write about your life.” some would say. But no one wants to hear about my life, many people read to escape life, why read about someone else’s dull life.

“Write what you know.” Okay, that suggestion just wiped my memory of everything clear.

“Write what you don’t know.” There’s a lot I don’t know but that doesn’t mean I want to write it down.


But some can help jump start writing in a weird way despite sounding kind of stupid (to me at least). This post got started while writing with a purple pen on a yellow legal pad, writing about using a purple pen then got stuck. But I had thought: I’ve never tried combining and altering these suggestions into something that might help not only relieve writers block but really give me something to write about. From the 3 examples of individual advice, after grouping and rearranging them I came up with this:

Think of something that interests you, just completely fascinates you, write down what you know about it and why it fascinates you and what you want to find out about it.

A personal example would be the brain. That thing just gets my own neurons firing; reading about it’s basic structure, the differences in the lobes of the brain, the inhibitory and excitation neurotransmitters, its processes in general. I’ve checked out textbooks on the brain.

It was after this first combo attempt that it clicked for me that I should combine some of these to get new or even more challenging prompts that I can tailor to push myself to improve my writing and write more often.


Give it a try, let me know what you’ve combined and how if it worked out for you.

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