Life can get kind of lonely, either because you don’t feel you connect with anyone or because at the moment there is no one to talk to.

To remedy this feeling I talk to myself but I take my conversations a step further, at least further than anyone I had spoken to about the conversations I have.

Most of the time when I talk to myself I know that I ma being silly, though at the same time part of me doesn’t think it’s silly at all. In fact they think it’s very important at that very moment until another part of me quiets them down. You see most parts of my personality and almost every emotion I have had is personified in my mind. Each one has a particular style of clothing and in their separate spaces they occupy in my mind reflect what they are.

An example of what I mean, we’ll go with a very common emotion everyone has experienced: Sadness. Sadness likes to wears large gray sweatpants, t-shirt, and a hoodie; the space she occupies has a bed wit a comfy blanket and big pillow to hold onto and a small box of tissues. The walls are soft white with that poster of the kitten hanging from a tree that says “Hang in there”.

It’s very sad just to think about it but she’s been doing better, mostly because Comfort moved her space next to her. Comfort wears almost the same kind of clothes but a better fitted because rather than try to hide herself she’s just wearing what she finds comfortable. When she sits with Sadness she brings a stuffed animal from childhood, some photos from today and the past, and let’s her know that things are going to be okay.

From here it’s easy to guess that I try to keep certain ‘persons’ next to each other and away from one that would clash otherwise things escalate very quickly. My Wild-Imagination has to be kept away from Sadness and Happiness otherwise I will get over excited and begin to get unrealistic expectations. With Sadness it just makes me depressed for the next few days until I can get Logic and Reason over there to separate them.

There are some days where they all argue about whatever situation I’m in. One day I was worried that my boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) was upset with me over some random argument because he wasn’t talking to me (please note this was early in our relationship). My Logical self reasoned that he’d had a long day at work and just wasn’t in the mood to talk and just wanted to relax in silence. Overly Sensitive though didn’t hear  word of it and was listening to Wild Imagination and was sure that he was mad and was planning on breaking up with me. Which triggered Sadness to start bawling and Anger to start planning a petty revenge. Logic put her foot down and separated them and told them to keep quiet while Bravery got me to go ask him if he was upset over the argument. Once Logic was proven right everything else went quiet.

They’re a handful sometimes.


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