I’ve had this question in my head for quite awhile now.

You’d think that thinking about it for a long time you’d eventually figure something out, but then after searching around the internet and reading so many different tips, ideas, and how-to posts it just makes everything a little bit harder. One thing that many suggest is this:

Write for your readers.

But what if you don’t have any readers? What in the world would I write about that would interest people enough to read my blog? For someone just starting out with a variety of interests and a train of thought that is constantly switching tracks, I would either bored people to death or constantly change subjects that they’d leave to escape a potential headache.

It was suggested that I should simply blog about my life. While my life isn’t boring, it’s not exactly exciting either. Sure I could make a few posts here and there about my life, but what else?

Another suggestion was posting my short stories, okay I can do that. I am pretty picky about my stories though (I could write about my attempt at NaNoWriMo) so that would take me a while. Writing is what I love doing so to add to that I could do more tips for writing (after trying them of course.

A last suggestion was to write about horror, I do love horror: stories, movies, creepy pictures, and stuff like that. I don’t really know what I’d do about that one but it’s something to think about. Maybe a review or opinion on some movies or stories I’ve read?

So there are my options, there are more of course but these do have something to them. And by something I mean content I am able to post. We’ll see.

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