It’s kind of late on January 2nd and I’m going to start right now on one of my many New Year Goals: Post on my blog. (I will be doing a goals post soon though).

I’ve never had much content and when I try to keep a schedule I end up failing, but in that failure I do learn something new. The first time I started I didn’t know what to write. The second time I came up with things to write but didn’t keep consistent and I also let a few things get to me.

Now while I know things can still get to me, a routine of posting every week might end up helping me keep something close to sanity or at least away from totally laziness when it comes to writing. I’ve always let things pull me back, I’ve always given in to giving up. In this case it’s always been, ‘why bother writing, no one is going to read it’. And sure maybe no one is reading this, maybe the only things giving my posts comments are bots trying to sell stuff; but I’m not giving up. I might not hit my goal of 52 posts, 1 post a week; I might be lucky to hit 12 either way I’m not going to give up.

I have a long list of goals this year, longer than I’ve ever had, but they’re all something to keep me busy. As much as I love sitting around and watching Netflix, Prime, Shudder, I can’t keep doing that. I need to push myself to be better than I was, to be better than I am.

Everyone hears (or sees) they saying “New Year, New Me”. I don’t want to be new, I want to be better. So this year I won’t be new, I’m going to be better.

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