It’s late as I write this because today was a busy and fun day. I just saw The Nun (C+ on a good day for me) with most of my family and while I knew I should be posting this on Sunday I though it might be more appropriate to post today (October 1st).  So here is why I love the streaming service, Shudder. (Also this is not sponsored, I just really love it).

Now for those that don’t know, Shudder is a streaming service that is all horror, all the time. Now for me even before Shudder I would watch at least one horror movie or horror episode of something a day. Even as a kid I LOVED ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’, ‘Goosebumps’, any scary episode of regular shows, and the early kids type horror movies.

Of course as I got older I looker for more and more horror and I had a pretty good eye at picking good horror at Blockbuster or Hollywood Video when it was my turn to pick. Then there was a better internet (grew up during dial up) to watch my horror in not the most legal way. Then came Netflix streaming and I could find new horror, I was content for a long time.

Then Shudder was announced. No joke I remember reading about it and my heart fluttering, I didn’t know what people meant by that and by that time I had already met my fiancée. I read about it, knew it was affordable but to my broke just out of college student trying to pay for an apartment and accompanying bills, student loans, my beautiful cats and food…food won (the cats too). I didn’t have a car at the time and I lived down the road from work so I would walk I just couldn’t spare more for entertainment.

Now 2 years after the initial launch I decided to do the trial and as expected I fell in love. Just so you know I had a 30-Day trial due to a promo code I got from one of my favorite Youtubers so I had a longer amount of time to enjoy, but still fell very hard for Shudder on day 1.

There’s so much horror I wouldn’t be able to experience had it not been for Shudder. Blood and Black Lace, The Alchemists Cookbook, Ruin Me, Dark Water, High Tensions, Prevenge, The Howling, Excision, so much more. Like I literally have a list of movies I NEED to watch for whatever reason but something that I heard about or saw a quick clip of, it made my list and Shudder has most of them. At least the ones that stood out the most that were labeled straight up horror movie, but they were there.

In addition to that there were so many I hadn’t even heard of, origianals and some limited releases available, my morbid curiousity added them to my list to watch later on. Now it’s been a few months and while for about a month I had to cancel my subscription (5 Busch gas vs 5 bucks movies, I drive a lot so gas won), I was left wanting. Thankfully Shudder missed me too so I got some free time with them. But all in all, I love Shudder.

If any of you out there that happen to read my odd blog, I highly recommend Shudder. It’s $5 a month, you have so many options on movies, it’s compatible with chromcast, and they are always expanding their repertoire what seems like every two weeks. I watch at least one movie a day when it’s not super busy and as many as 4 when I don’t want to do anything. Any one out there who is even as half as obsessed with horror as I am, this is very worthwhile.

Please let me know if you love Shudder too, if you might try it out, or what you recommend form Shudder that I might not have seen. Again I highly recommend Shudder, they do have a 7-day trial available but again it’s 5 bucks and if it’s not too much for your current budget, go for it.

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