Obviously I again haven’t posted a proper story/review/whatever you want to call it.

The one I put up last week was for the week before and I didn’t put anything up this past Sunday and I want to give an explanation (not that there’s anyone out there reading this).

I’ve been studying for an exam, it’s costing me some cash to even take it so that’s been occupying my time. I still need to postpone it anyway, there’s no way I can take the test and pass.

In addition to that there were some weather threats and I was busy putting things up in case my house floods. It happened in June and I haven’t been right since.

Anyway I’m hoping to do much better now that at least the threat of homelessness has ended for now. My next post will be about something horror related that I’ve been using and I hope it’ll get me back on track with my schedule.


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