I literally almost didn’t write this when I scheduled myself to. I’M LAZY. Incredibly lazy, I really really am. It’s Wednesday right now, I just got home from work, grabbed a glass of wine and The Dark Half, turned to go out onto my porch when I stopped and thought ‘You should probably start your post for Sunday.’

For about 30 seconds I argued with myself because I feel (felt now that you’re reading this) tired, I don’t want to think about what word I’m going to use next, I don’t want to try to convey any sort of thought of feeling other than what comes up as I read or watch something. So, this is a MAJOR reason I suck at keeping a consistent writing schedule. But you’re reading this now, I’ve started which means something’s changed…right?

Kind of. Remember I had to argue with myself to write.  I am generally a lazy person in a sense that if I know there is something I should be doing I will either find a ‘legit’ excuse (dishes need to be done, cat little needs to be cleaned, etc), or just blow it off until later.

Now more legitimate excuses really fall into procrastination (it’s now late Sunday btw), they do need to be done but I’m only doing them to keep myself from working on what I should be. Of course 75% of the time, I would really much rather do something easy like watch a horror movie on Netflix or Shudder. Maybe waste some time on YouTube watching something crazy or something funny. Of course it does come down to the root of my problem. I don’t think I’m any good at writing.

I love writing stories and coming up with crazy plots and characters that have a great arc or that are a board for me to throw darts at when I’m bored. Most of the time I write these stories for me, the second I even think of sharing them with anyone I can’t do it. Which is stupid, I’ve written short stories for university classes, I even read a few aloud to be openly judged by my peers. So what’s my deal, probably the potential anonymous people ready to write mean comments about my stuff. I don’t have a thick skin, I try to build it but it breaks constantly. This is why I don’t write as consistently as I should.

So now as I said, it’s late Sunday night, I am going to finish up this post with this. I will make a better effort to write consistently and I will be posting every Sunday, even if it’s 45 minutes until midnight. If you have any tips on writing consistently or know of any articles please let me know about them. I’m taking small steps and maybe there are others out there who would also like to know what you have to say.

(Maybe I’ll post one of my stories too, but we’ll see how all of this goes first.)

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