Happy New Year, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter…4th of July…yeah it’s been a while. After moving cities, the up-keep of a house, trying to find a new career, I’ve all but given up on taking care of this blog.

It’s been over six months and yes I haven’t posted, I haven’t shown anything of my new place, and I definitely haven’t kept up with my reading as much as I wanted to. But I’m going to change that. Here is a little overview of what’s (hopefully) on the way.

  • An update on last year’s resolutions, all of them.
    • Books to read/have read
    • Losing weight
    • Writing
  • Going through a minor, but eye opening, event in life
    • It’s nature related
  • A few short stories (if I think they’re good enough)
  • Horror movie and book reviews and some general thoughts on the genre I love oh so much


It’s not a lot but I think it’ll be enough for now. Sure it’s been a little over six months but I don’t really do a lot. Hmm, I’ll add this to the list:

  • 2 days in my life (a day at work and a day at home)


So that’s a handful of posts coming up at the very least. I’m excited to start back up again and hopefully make a regular posting schedule, maybe once a week I think I can manage that. It’s something I should do better at but of course life has other plans…that and my lack of planning skills. Hmm, I could make another post of that too.

What to you think? Anything you’d like to hear or read about?

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