It’s cold where I am right now. Both because it’s cold outside but also because I don’t have central heating. I have a space heater in my living room and a tiny one in my bedroom.

Obviously I haven’t written anything lately . My last post happened in June, a lot had been happening in the past few months and now as I type this I realize how quickly they went by.

The year is almost over, I haven’t kept up with my goals for the year. Not that I haven’t tried but it just didn’t become a reality. For some I probably could have tried harder, for others I only fell short by a relatively small amount. As far as my goals let me sum up where I started and where I am now:

  • Lose 20lbs. I was doing great until March when I got a new scale, turns out my old scale was off by a lot. I got really discouraged but kept going. Right now I’m more or less the same weight however my body shape did change. I started lifting weights and doing more HIIT workouts. I’ve slowed in the recent months, but try to stay active. If I had calipers I’m pretty sure I would find that I lost fat and gain muscle. Then again that could be wishful thinking. I’m still going to hold this goal for next year and work harder on my eating habits as well as activity level.
  • Read 1 book a month. I have read more books that I did last year just not 1 every month. I got through Alice in Wonderland, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Return of the King, Jurassic Park, Animal Farm and 1984.  I also added, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Wendigo, and The Dark Tower in addition to On Writing by Stephen King.Right now I’m reading two books, Bird by Bird by Ann Lamot and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Hopefully I can finish both by New Years Eve, if not I did my best.
  • Save Money. Well shit, things go great for a while then life decided it’s too easy and smacks you with a bigger bill than last month. Rent went up, got a car, moved cities, hidden house expenses, not enough work hours, a birthday surprise and then more car crap. Almost.  Savings are still kinda there, smaller than expected but I can try harder…and maybe get ANOTHER job.
  • Write more. I might not have written everyday but I have made sure to try, though this is were I also could have tried harder. I have story prompts and an actual book called Finish the Story. My problem, in two parts: self doubt and instant video streaming (not just Netflix but also HBO and Amazon Prime).  I am still writing though for what it’s worth.
  • 1 blog post a week. Yeah I definitely fail here. I don’t even have half that many posts,  I’ve never considered being a blogger, you’d think it would be something I really like but not really. Writing blog posts are great when I get an idea but most of the time I’ve had to force myself  to pick a topic and write. Again I don’t even know what I want this whole site to be about. Right now it seems to be me talking about whatever I can to fill up space. I”ll figure it out eventually.

I’ll probably keep the same goals, but now at least I have a better understanding of what the hell I need to do to to get where I want to be. For anyone that actually reads my rambling: How has your year gone? Did you reach your goals or are you in the same spot I’m in?

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