Alright so I know it’s a week over due, but here it is. So I wasn’t able to go and watch it again but here is my spoiler free review.

First off, I absolutely loved it. I had a great experience. I went to a morning show at a theater in San Antonio, there were only about five people in the screening and no one was on their phone or anything. It was great, it’s not often that you can go to a movie and there’s nothing distracting or rude people around.

On to the movie, as you know a ship of people are going somewhere to settle and something happens to where they need to wake up and end up stopping somewhere just of course because they encounter a planet that is more similar to Earth than the one they are heading to. Then shit goes wrong (well shit went wrong before but it gets worse).

There is another android, Walter, still played by Michael Fassbender, and he really does his best to help the crew unlike David in Prometheus.

I was excited to see them get onto the new planet and see the spores infect someone. The evolution of the xenomorph was beautiful and creepy. The fates of Shaw and David are addressed and the main crew member are so different in their approaches to encounter the planet and vocal about it to each other it felt like they had small history together and there was an edge to some words. A little of it mentioned but left me wanting to know more.

Some of the crew was a bit more throw away, I didn’t care for them very much. I think I cared about 5 of them, the others (8) not so much, not much is really known about them so I just didn’t care very much. Katherine Waterston was amazing, I loved her character’s skepticism and spirit throughout. She is an amazing actor and I hope I can see her more of her in movies. Danny McBride surprised the hell out of me, normally I see him in a few raunchy comedies on TV when there’s nothing to watch but his performance in this blew me away. He was awesome.

One thing I kind of wish was in the movie more, is I wish there was a bit more about the engineers. I’m sure we might know more later but just a few scenes left me wanting to know more.¬†Which I guess was the point of it, to keep me coming back to watch.

Overall I am so happy I got the chance to watch this movie. I really want to watch it again if I have the chance. I know I gave a very vague review, mostly positive, but I’m bad with spoilers so I had to really watch myself. 9/10 would watch again, and again and again.

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