Hello again, and I’m very sorry for not keeping up with my previous promise of keeping up with posting every week. Things got really crazy really fast. My fiance and I have been in the process of fixing up a little one bedroom house and just put in our 30 day notice at our current apartment and I have been cleaning, packing, and working like crazy. Any enough about the crap that’s been delaying me, I’ll have a full post on that once things settle down. Now, onto the romance movies I actually like (in no particular order).

  1. Amelie: I had always heard about this odd french movie but could never remember the title or had any clue as to the plot. I eventually saw a trailer and when Netflix came into widespread being. I watched this movie and I was in love with the movie and in a month watched it at least 5 times. It wasn’t until the 3 time I watched it that I realized it was supposed to be a straight forward romance movie. For me it was there in the background and just came forward slowly and wrapped things up very well.
  2. The Decoy Bride: I knew going into this one it was a romance and while, as I stated before, I ignore the genre in general it had David Tennant. I can’t really ignore David Tennant. I thought it was really cute and the set up for it was amazing and something I don’t think is seen in many romance movies. It’s one thing for the main character to hire another person as a stand in as a significant other. It’s different when they have no idea what going on until it’s too late. It was also hilarious.
  3. Midnight in Paris: My sister showed me this movie. And by showed me I mean she sat me down gave me some popcorn and pressed play. She knew I was really serious about writing and felt like this movie would resonate and give me that push to keep going. It did and upon watching it on Netflix again, I saw that it was classified as a romance, so there it counts.
  4. Pride and Prejudice (2005): This was probably the first romance movie I sat down and watched and probably the first one that made me understand why some people cry while watching these types of movies. What’s great is that if you’ve read this or any other Jane Austen novel, you know that it’s not just about romance. It’s knowing that it’s more than love that makes a romantic relationship move forward. It’s compromise: in the personal aspect as well as financial compatibility. Just as Elizabeth says towards they end they are “quite similar” which is why they didn’t like each other in the first place.
  5. Across the Universe: I love musicals. I watch a lot but htis one is probably a strong favorite romance. Everything seems great, then things turn shitty, politics and conflicting views, then a nice hopeful end. It shows a lot of what really goes on in some relationships, maybe not as big but the small disagreements, then the dividing point, and a choice to try again or move on. Most romances don’t have that, it’s all ‘oh your relationship fell apart go date someone else’ and hi jinks ensues.

So there are 5 romance movies I actually like. There might be more but I’m not sure yet. If I find more who knows maybe I’ll do a part 2. If you have any favorite romance movies or want me to watch ones you think I’ll hate let me know. And I’ll do my best to make sure I have content to post and once things settle down I can talk about the moving process I am currently going through.

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