Okay, so my last post was at the beginning of February and while I said in a post from January that I was going to make a new entry every week…well I won’t lie. I just got really lazy and passed it off as “Well, I’m not sure what to post so I’ll wait until next week.”

Obviously that was not the best approach. So for today I just want to give a quick run down of what’s to come. 


I will post something every week, it just might not be what I am currently expecting. Which is:

  • A short story or two
  • Romance movies I (surprisingly) like
  • Something about my pets
  • A movie review?
  • A proper update on my progress for the goals I made at the beginning of the year. 

So that’s what I have planned for now. Things might change, the order probably will, maybe the topics themselves. 

    Until next week, have a good one. 

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