So as I had said in my horror movie post, as a compromise I had to watch some romance movies. So since it’s February and Valentines Day is coming up, I’m not going to beat around the bush so here’s the list and why I personally didn’t like them. SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t seen any of these movies.

  • Runaway Bride

So I tried to keep an open mind with this one and almost immediately I was complaining, quite loudly to my cat, all of the problems I had with this movie. Mainly that if she had such a problem getting down the aisle, ELOPE! No aisle, mostly no fuss, just file the damn paper work.

Also the reporter guys needed another punch to the face. Seriously, dude just ruined another guy’s love life the night before he was going to be married.

  • How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

The main characters were made for each other, that much is true. Two horrible people, so willing to ruin someone’s self esteem and love life by making someone fall in love only to drive them away for the sake of an article and a bet. The cliche ways she tries to get rid of him just…no, just no. I can feel my skin crawling when I think about it.

Luckily for literally everyone else in the movie, main cast and background characters, they find each other.

  • Titanic

I get it, she didn’t want to marry that rich jerk, she didn’t like how fake everyone else was, he just happened upon a beautiful woman and kept her from jumping.

It just feels so tacked on, because it is, but is one of the more passable ones that was marketed as a romance. I still think the best parts involved the actual sinking.

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding

Another Julia Roberts movie, yeah. The only person I liked in this movie was George. Close second was Kimmy, but why doesn’t she get a pass in my book? Because shit happens in relationships and the best way to get through it? TALK ABOUT IT! But nope she decides she’s not speaking to him.

Now Mr. Best Friend? Yeah how is it that you think it’s okay to tell your best female friend that they are more of a match than their bride-to-be? If you have doubts express them to someone who first off knew you were dating her but has no romantic interest in you. He is just sending Roberts character all the wrong signals and he’s doing it on purpose. Which brings me to our main character.

She knows he’s going to marry someone else, and just can’t seem to accept that. She can’t be happy that her so called best friend found someone he wants to marry. Rather than just come clean as her boss told her to, she tries to break them up after missing her chance to just say it and then succeeds by kissing him right as his finacĂ©e walks up. Mind you this is AFTER he is no longer doubtful of marrying Kimmy and had thanked her for helping him see that everything will be alright.

WOW. That was a lot, as anyone can tell these are some romance movies that bug the ever living hell out of me. I don’t hate all romance movies I’m just picky. There are still a few I have to watch but maybe later I’ll tell you the romance movies I do like and what I love to watch on Valentines Day.

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