Recycling 2016 goals to better fit 2017

Seven days ago like most people looking to make a change I made a list of my goals to accomplish during the new year. My goals are quite typical and going over my list the goals I set for myself are almost the same as the ones I set in early 2016. Almost.

This year, when I made my goals I became more specific, but first a look back at the ones I made last year.


My goals for 2016 were very simple:

  • Lose weight
  • Read more
  • Save money
  • Write more

Pretty simple, but I didn’t really accomplish much. I did lose weight, but I gained half of it back (I want to blame Christmas cookies but it’s probably my lack of control with food in general).I read 2 or three books completely for the whole year, not the best. I did save some money but not as much as I was hoping. As for writing, I did participate in and eventually won NaNoWriMo but that was about it.

My problem was simple, I didn’t plan anything. I knew what I wanted but not how to get it. If I knew how to get it I didn’t make enough of an effort.

So leading up to New Year’s Eve I sat down and looking at my list of specific goals I outlined a plan on how to get there.


2017 Goals

  • Lose 20 pounds

To do this, I’m tracking everything I’m eating, measuring it, reading labels, and cooking better meals. I’ve even started making breakfast smoothies. Another thing I am doing is working out at least 4 times a week. I’ve been exercising since late January 2016, it wasn’t until mid October that I started to fall behind. Now I’m going to keep a better track and workout either at the gym or do a HIIT workout at home plus another cardio four days out of the week minimum.

  • Read 1 book a month

I lowered my expectations for reading more but at the same time I sorted through at least 50 book lists on Pinterest and finally made a list of books to read throughout the year. This month is Alice in Wonderland, I’ll post a full list sometime this month.

  • Put $25 in savings at least once a month

I get paid twice a month, ideally I would like to put $25 away every pay check but I’m being careful with bills being a priority (need to get those students loans paid off). I want to have enough to be able to pay three months of rent as a baseline. Additionally, but probably won’t really start this one until later, I want to save for a trip to California to visit family and a trip to Disney World for a dear friend’s 30th birthday in 2018.

  • Write 100-500 words everyday

I tried to write some short stories but never really started anything I liked enough to finish it or rewrite it. Now I need to write something, anything that’s at least 100 words, even writing in a journal or a one-sentence story. I’ll write about my day or, if I’m lucky, something that I see happening in front of me and create a story out of it.

  • 1 blog post a week

If you were to look through my post history you wouldn’t find much,and there are HUGE gaps between posts. Mostly because I have no idea what to post here. This year I will be able to write a few short stories and put them up here, in the meantime I’m going to do my best to create things to share or just find prompts online when I’m pressed for time. As long as I make at least 52 posts by the end of this year I will be more than happy.


Same goals, just more specific and some semblance of a plan to meet those goals.


Know what you want.

Be specific.

Have at least 12% of a plan.

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