This is a story I wrote for a class a few years ago, but it’s always been one of my favorites.


Sitting back in his chair Orlando emitted average. The only thing that came across anyone’s mind when first seeing him was the word average. Even to himself he looked average; short black hair, dark eyes, and a more or less athletic build if not a bit on the short side, very average for the area. Even his clothes, average clothes, nothing name-brand like others sometimes wore, he never minded though average is what suited him. Even today sitting in his gym clothes, nothing stands out.

Leaning on his right hand he took notes for class, feeling a little bored. Leading an average life, going to class like a responsible student, making sure not to miss anything the instructor said. As class ended, he packed everything up and walked to his car his average black car. Home is only a short drive away, pulling onto the road he hears a dull thud on his trunk. Looking behind him there is nothing behind him, but he knows what hit his trunk. Backing into his garage there is another thud in the trunk.

Grabbing a baseball bat he rarely used he walked around to the trunk. Pulling the release the trunk flies open and a teenage boy tries to jump out. He pushes the boy back in and with a swift but light swing he smacks the boy just on the top of his head. The young boy clutches his head and starts to sway. Orlando pulls him up he lowers him down some stairs into a small room beneath to the garage, all the while contemplating when he should start his homework. I think I should just start it now and get it over with…hmm, the kid should be fine, there’s enough food and drinks in there for a month and some books, the kid will do fine.

Orlando doesn’t particularly like his job sometimes but he doesn’t hate it. He’s always been good about keeping things safe and as long as no one is hurt apart from the occasional whack on the head, he is the safe house, a holding cell. He goes back to the trunk and pulls out a large, black pencil holder and unzips it. $400 this week, with a note to hold this rich kid for some kidnappers and once the kid’s parents pay the ransom he gets the other half of his cut. Half now-half later, one half was already pricy but that’s the price you pay to make things look average. Average works for Orlando, so much so that he makes money off of it.

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