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Sandra's Blog http://sandra.xezi.com Writing, Reading, and Loving Horror Tue, 05 Feb 2019 18:10:08 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.10 2019 goals, what else is new? http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=388 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=388#respond Tue, 05 Feb 2019 18:07:03 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=388 Continue Reading]]> A month into the new year and I think it’s about time I put up what my goals are for they year.
First thing’s first: Why did I wait so long to post my goals?

I wanted to get myself in order and make a semi-routine for how my days will be for a least a little while. Now that I’m almost a month in I can better direct myself to my goals.
SO what are my goals?

  • Health and fitness goals 

Those goals are more or less the same: Workout at least 4 times a week and make it to my goal weight/lean out before seriously adding muscle.

However I did add on some skills to my goal.

  1. Pistol squats (one-legged squats)
  2. Do a handstand.

These will take time and a lot of effort but I think it would be a good way to really push and test myself.

  • Financial Goal

Again pretty much the same, save more, pay stuff off, and budget. Which I have been doing but like we all know. Everything is expensive and bills suck. Unfortunately my current job cut my hours so now I add getting a new job. Doing this will, obviously, help me get on better track to reach my financial goals.

  • Writing More.

As previously stated in more than one blog post, this is hard for me to do since I am generally lazy and fearful of not improving in my writing. But in order to improve I have to shake that off and just keep writing.

So what else am I doing to make sure I am writing more, writing blog posts of course. I didn’t do too well last year but compared to the year before I killed it! So this year this is my goal for my blog.

Have a total of 52 posts by the end of the year. That means one post a week or (since I missed most of January) double up certain weeks and post twice.

I won’t promise consistency with this. I can’t promise myself that. But I can try.

  • Reading more.

First off this is not sponsored, don’t think I ever will be, but I found an app called Bookly and so far it’s helped me not only get back into reading but I already finished one book on my list. I can scan the ISBN of a book and add it to my collection. It has background sounds for reading, you can set a reminder to read and it’s not an annoying alarm, you can set reading goals. It also has a feature to help you keep track of what page you’re on, and check your reading stats to see how long you read when you crack open your book and the amount of pages read in that time. 
Oh yeah, there’s a time when you select which book you’re going to read with a pause and finish function. So far I like this app and I will do a future post on how much i like it and if it’s helped me keep up with my reading in the long run.

So those are my main goals. I have added other little things that I would want to try to do but if I can’t, no sweat it’s not something I usually did in the first place.
Some extra/ secondary goals include things like:

  • Giving more:
  1. Volunteering. I’ve done it before but at the same time it was something I wasn’t excited about because it wasn’t in something I was interested in whatsoever. 
  2. Donations. I have a lot of stuff that I don’t use or need. Mostly clothing, some shoes. I do have a few other things like make up I don’t use that isn’t expired.
  • House Stuff
  1. There are quite a few things in my house that are squished together, shoved in boxes or in cabinets. So one goal is to clean up and organize what I can.
  2. Flood Preparedness. This is something I started and is mostly done but I feel like I can do more. I haven’t written yet about my house flooding (I will) but I will detail a post on my steps and link other blogs that have helped me really think about what’s important.
  • Fun and Relationships
  1. I want to do more for my SO, I’ve made it a point to make it a goal in life to make sure he knows how much I care about him. (Yes it’s sappy but still, let me be sappy)
  2. As far as fun I don’t make it a priority and I think more people should. At least every 6 weeks do something fun, whether it’s reading something or making something. I promise myself to have a little fun now and then.
  3. More family time. I like being by myself but I should be doing my best to spend as much time with them as I can.

That’s pretty much it. It’s a lot, more than it was last year but that’s okay. Everyday affords me a new opportunity to do something that puts me closer to my goals

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Obligatory New Year Post http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=386 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=386#respond Thu, 03 Jan 2019 04:49:03 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=386 Continue Reading]]> It’s kind of late on January 2nd and I’m going to start right now on one of my many New Year Goals: Post on my blog. (I will be doing a goals post soon though).

I’ve never had much content and when I try to keep a schedule I end up failing, but in that failure I do learn something new. The first time I started I didn’t know what to write. The second time I came up with things to write but didn’t keep consistent and I also let a few things get to me.

Now while I know things can still get to me, a routine of posting every week might end up helping me keep something close to sanity or at least away from totally laziness when it comes to writing. I’ve always let things pull me back, I’ve always given in to giving up. In this case it’s always been, ‘why bother writing, no one is going to read it’. And sure maybe no one is reading this, maybe the only things giving my posts comments are bots trying to sell stuff; but I’m not giving up. I might not hit my goal of 52 posts, 1 post a week; I might be lucky to hit 12 either way I’m not going to give up.

I have a long list of goals this year, longer than I’ve ever had, but they’re all something to keep me busy. As much as I love sitting around and watching Netflix, Prime, Shudder, I can’t keep doing that. I need to push myself to be better than I was, to be better than I am.

Everyone hears (or sees) they saying “New Year, New Me”. I don’t want to be new, I want to be better. So this year I won’t be new, I’m going to be better.

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Shudder: My dream come true http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=382 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=382#respond Tue, 02 Oct 2018 03:24:30 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=382 Continue Reading]]> It’s late as I write this because today was a busy and fun day. I just saw The Nun (C+ on a good day for me) with most of my family and while I knew I should be posting this on Sunday I though it might be more appropriate to post today (October 1st).  So here is why I love the streaming service, Shudder. (Also this is not sponsored, I just really love it).

Now for those that don’t know, Shudder is a streaming service that is all horror, all the time. Now for me even before Shudder I would watch at least one horror movie or horror episode of something a day. Even as a kid I LOVED ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’, ‘Goosebumps’, any scary episode of regular shows, and the early kids type horror movies.

Of course as I got older I looker for more and more horror and I had a pretty good eye at picking good horror at Blockbuster or Hollywood Video when it was my turn to pick. Then there was a better internet (grew up during dial up) to watch my horror in not the most legal way. Then came Netflix streaming and I could find new horror, I was content for a long time.

Then Shudder was announced. No joke I remember reading about it and my heart fluttering, I didn’t know what people meant by that and by that time I had already met my fiancée. I read about it, knew it was affordable but to my broke just out of college student trying to pay for an apartment and accompanying bills, student loans, my beautiful cats and food…food won (the cats too). I didn’t have a car at the time and I lived down the road from work so I would walk I just couldn’t spare more for entertainment.

Now 2 years after the initial launch I decided to do the trial and as expected I fell in love. Just so you know I had a 30-Day trial due to a promo code I got from one of my favorite Youtubers so I had a longer amount of time to enjoy, but still fell very hard for Shudder on day 1.

There’s so much horror I wouldn’t be able to experience had it not been for Shudder. Blood and Black Lace, The Alchemists Cookbook, Ruin Me, Dark Water, High Tensions, Prevenge, The Howling, Excision, so much more. Like I literally have a list of movies I NEED to watch for whatever reason but something that I heard about or saw a quick clip of, it made my list and Shudder has most of them. At least the ones that stood out the most that were labeled straight up horror movie, but they were there.

In addition to that there were so many I hadn’t even heard of, origianals and some limited releases available, my morbid curiousity added them to my list to watch later on. Now it’s been a few months and while for about a month I had to cancel my subscription (5 Busch gas vs 5 bucks movies, I drive a lot so gas won), I was left wanting. Thankfully Shudder missed me too so I got some free time with them. But all in all, I love Shudder.

If any of you out there that happen to read my odd blog, I highly recommend Shudder. It’s $5 a month, you have so many options on movies, it’s compatible with chromcast, and they are always expanding their repertoire what seems like every two weeks. I watch at least one movie a day when it’s not super busy and as many as 4 when I don’t want to do anything. Any one out there who is even as half as obsessed with horror as I am, this is very worthwhile.

Please let me know if you love Shudder too, if you might try it out, or what you recommend form Shudder that I might not have seen. Again I highly recommend Shudder, they do have a 7-day trial available but again it’s 5 bucks and if it’s not too much for your current budget, go for it.

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I’ve been distracted… http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=380 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=380#respond Wed, 26 Sep 2018 15:47:20 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=380 Continue Reading]]> Obviously I again haven’t posted a proper story/review/whatever you want to call it.

The one I put up last week was for the week before and I didn’t put anything up this past Sunday and I want to give an explanation (not that there’s anyone out there reading this).

I’ve been studying for an exam, it’s costing me some cash to even take it so that’s been occupying my time. I still need to postpone it anyway, there’s no way I can take the test and pass.

In addition to that there were some weather threats and I was busy putting things up in case my house floods. It happened in June and I haven’t been right since.

Anyway I’m hoping to do much better now that at least the threat of homelessness has ended for now. My next post will be about something horror related that I’ve been using and I hope it’ll get me back on track with my schedule.


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I http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=373 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=373#respond Sun, 16 Sep 2018 23:38:09 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=373 Continue Reading]]> Like I said in another post I love horror movies, but I also love science fiction. Before really getting into horror movies, as a child I always loved watching science fiction movies. Thinking back actually I’d say most of the movies I would watch agin and again were mostly sci-fi.

I have done a favorites list before one for slow-burn horror and another for romance movies (though its more of what I can stand to watch). Of course on many of them lean towards the mix of sci-fi/horror more than anything but I could be wrong as I write this out.

So here’s a list, in no particular order of my favorite science fiction movies and for some a reason why.

  • The Thing (1982) honestly I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t seen this movie or at least heard of it. People that have seen it usually have it in their favorite list as well.
  • Stargate, I don’t know how many times I watched this movie as a kid but I know if was enough to make my dad proud. He also loves sci-fi.
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 & 1978) I’ve seen the other remakes and those are fine but these two are simply the best.
  • The Fly (1958 & 1986) Reason 1: Vincent Price, he’s always been one of my favorite actors. Reason 2: My introduction to body horror with the 1986 version.
  • Alien & Aliens (do I really need to write out my reason I think you can guess it)
  • Blade Runner, first I watched it because it is considered a classic, now I watch it because I think it is.
  • Total Recall: Mars and mind alteration.
  • The Fifth Element
  • Event Horizon, holy crap was not expecting what happened to happen.
  • Fire in the Sky (just watch it)
  • The Abyss
  • Spaceballs
  • Star Trek 2: THe Wrath of Khan
  • Minority Report
  • 1984
  • Equilibrium
  • Sunshine
  • District 9
  • Serenity
  • Battlefield Earth (yes it’s a terrible movie but I love watching it)
  • The Blob
  • Star Wars (original)
  • Pandorum
  • War of the Worlds (1953 I didn’t really like the remake…it just bothered me)
  • Akira
  • Sphere
  • Contact

So, yes that’s a lot for a ‘favorite’ list but at the same time, if I turn on the tv and see any of these titles playing I will probably sit and watch it all the way through.

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted in 2 weeks. I’m in a hurricane prone area and while we haven’t been hit (yet) we flood easily. I’m fine right now but haven’t posted because there are other things that are more important than trivial ‘favorites’.

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Through the Maze: A Review of House of Leaves. http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=355 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=355#respond Sun, 26 Aug 2018 19:07:47 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=355 Continue Reading]]>

I have heard about this book quite a bit. I’m always trying to find something new and potentially scary to read and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski was on many lists that came up. I finally had the chance to buy it and read it. (I like to buy the books I plan to read since I don’t get to my library as much as I’d want to).

If you haven’t heard of this book that’s okay, you’re going to hear about it now. If you have heard of it and are deciding if. you should read it, then yes go read it. It’s been a while since I have fully read this book (about 7 months) so I can be as vague as possible but just in case there might be some spoilers ahead. But the gist of it comes with the words on the page right after the forward.

Not something you’d want to read when starting a new book.

Reading that I was instantly hit with a sense of foreboding, dramatic I know but that’s how I felt. Then by the time I finished I found this statement to be both true and false. Reading this House of Leaves I feel disoriented, sometimes a creeping feeling around me, not safe in my own home,and not from an outside threat but from the walls of my home. There is so much going on and only one thing happening, one small upon first reading it but not so small when it clicks in your mind what it means.

One piece of advice I must give is to make sure you keep a page marker, like a small post it tag, to keep track of when a sentence splits off for a foot note. The footnotes are important…and unimportant, mostly important, yeah it can get confusing. That’s just the start as well, I hate to think what that poor printer had to go through printing out an nearly blacked out page with X’s, or pages where the words twist and turn and fall around the page, or get boxed into a tiny, tiny section. Of the page. It’s a very artistic book in it’s printing and really helps you feel what the characters are going through..

House of Leaves has made me feel claustrophobic, unsure of my surroundings, to this day I can feel a creeping sensation moving from the middle of my back to the top of my neck. You will at times get confused and people watching you read it (especially when you start turning the book in different directions just to read the words) will look at you like you don’t know how to hold a book. There were a few times where I felt so overwhelmed I needed to take a break, but that’s just me.

But let me get to the meat of this review.

Danielewski has written truly a fantastic book. I have never read anything like it, sure my eyes had been glued to other books as much as this one but something else really stuck out and it was they style of the printing and the particulars of the text. “House” is always written in blue, some things are struck out, others are starred for a narration footnote from the “author”(you’ll understand when you read the book). If anything I do believe if you want something to make you uncomfortable in an empty room I highly recommend this. And by the end for any horror fans,  you do see why this book is not for us but at the same time it is (wow I am just a contradicting myself at every turn).  An unexpected ending for me but something that I will always remember and I am looking forward to reading it again.

Again I highly recommend this House of Leaves to anyone looking for a good book to read, horror fan or not. This review is the first of many book reviews to come, and it’ll mostly be of the horror genre but I’ll have other genres in there too Maybe even a few movie reviews, again all genres but mostly horror (what can I say I’m addicted).

Are there any particular books you want me to review? Have you read House of Leaves? Will you read it? Let me know and tell me what you think.

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Organizing My Life with a Bullet Journal http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=332 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=332#respond Tue, 14 Aug 2018 23:42:16 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=332 Continue Reading]]>

Up until two years ago I didn’t really have anyway of keeping track of things life would throw at me. I tried using a traditional planner, a planner app on my phone, the calendar reminders, anything free really. Sometimes it would work fine for a doctor’s appointment or a change in my work schedule, but there were more than a few times that an alarm didn’t go off or a post it note fell off my desk/calendar and I missed a shift or something else important, or the classic I washed the pen off my hand.

So what changed? A close friend of mine, Sara, mentioned she was using the bullet journal system to keep track of her work to-dos, art projects, convention dates, everything apparently. So I checked it out, and so far it’s something I’ve actually kept up.

I’ve kept it kind of basic but at the same time make it look pretty, over the years of course I just kept it simple.

My fiancée surprised me with a set of journals, a monthly/weekly calendar book and a simple lined journal. I kept the calendar one at work and used the lined one as my first bullet journal. Even with as much research as I did I still wasn’t sure, so I started with the basic of the basic: the key.

The habit tracker was something that really needed to be refined. There’s a lot of habit I wanted to create, like flossing we know we should but don’t, so somethings had to be cut out so I didn’t overwhelm myself. It has been extremely useful and if anyone out there is curious to start a bullet journal I think you should give it a shot for a little while. 

I’ve used it to keep track of books I want to read, by making a list of books to read and books I’ve read it’s made it easier to figure out which book to pick up next. Maybe the only change I make to it every year it the layout. Either way I do my best to keep it consistent.

For my monthly layout, even though I started journaling in September of 2016 I actually did’t start a monthly overview until October. I did a tiny calendar and just listed the days on the side with a note of any events/important dates next to them. I also moved my habit tracker there instead of at the front of my journal since I really didn’t like flipping to the very front to fill it in.  (This did change later again, I’ll get to that in a minute).

Today I have a larger calendar, still running dates on the side for personal and work events, and the other space I use for writing my book of the month, goals, and any other notes for the month.

Now of course it the main part of the bullet journal, my weekly/daily log. It’s taken me a very long time to figure out how I want to keep track of things. I started with a basic daily log running through the pages: Day, Date, then a list of thing that needed to be done, crossing them out as I went or migrating them to another day.

I did try 1-page daily layouts for about a month, but yeah I don’t have a lot going on through the day to justify it. Today I still have a running week on the side of the page, a sleep tracker, and I moved my habit tracker from being monthly to weekly so I can really see how I’ve been doing. If I end up with extra space I just glue something there.
So, summing up. Has using a bullet journal helped me keep track of personal and work stuff?  Yes, definitely. I keep it with me at all times so I can write down any reminder for the week or important events coming up. I don’t forget things as much since I have a system now. I highly recommend using some kind of planner or bullet journal, especially if you’ve tried all kinds of apps to keep track of things but doesn’t really work, I find physically writing things down has helped so much.

Plus I can customize each month and weekly log. I love customing things to fit my style and needs.
Do you think you’d be interested in starting a bullet journal? Do you have a system you already use?

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Why I Suck at Writing Consistently http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=301 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=301#respond Mon, 13 Aug 2018 04:18:34 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=301 Continue Reading]]> I literally almost didn’t write this when I scheduled myself to. I’M LAZY. Incredibly lazy, I really really am. It’s Wednesday right now, I just got home from work, grabbed a glass of wine and The Dark Half, turned to go out onto my porch when I stopped and thought ‘You should probably start your post for Sunday.’

For about 30 seconds I argued with myself because I feel (felt now that you’re reading this) tired, I don’t want to think about what word I’m going to use next, I don’t want to try to convey any sort of thought of feeling other than what comes up as I read or watch something. So, this is a MAJOR reason I suck at keeping a consistent writing schedule. But you’re reading this now, I’ve started which means something’s changed…right?

Kind of. Remember I had to argue with myself to write.  I am generally a lazy person in a sense that if I know there is something I should be doing I will either find a ‘legit’ excuse (dishes need to be done, cat little needs to be cleaned, etc), or just blow it off until later.

Now more legitimate excuses really fall into procrastination (it’s now late Sunday btw), they do need to be done but I’m only doing them to keep myself from working on what I should be. Of course 75% of the time, I would really much rather do something easy like watch a horror movie on Netflix or Shudder. Maybe waste some time on YouTube watching something crazy or something funny. Of course it does come down to the root of my problem. I don’t think I’m any good at writing.

I love writing stories and coming up with crazy plots and characters that have a great arc or that are a board for me to throw darts at when I’m bored. Most of the time I write these stories for me, the second I even think of sharing them with anyone I can’t do it. Which is stupid, I’ve written short stories for university classes, I even read a few aloud to be openly judged by my peers. So what’s my deal, probably the potential anonymous people ready to write mean comments about my stuff. I don’t have a thick skin, I try to build it but it breaks constantly. This is why I don’t write as consistently as I should.

So now as I said, it’s late Sunday night, I am going to finish up this post with this. I will make a better effort to write consistently and I will be posting every Sunday, even if it’s 45 minutes until midnight. If you have any tips on writing consistently or know of any articles please let me know about them. I’m taking small steps and maybe there are others out there who would also like to know what you have to say.

(Maybe I’ll post one of my stories too, but we’ll see how all of this goes first.)

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My Never Ending List http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=309 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=309#respond Sun, 05 Aug 2018 19:00:30 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=309 Continue Reading]]>

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a list of books I wanted to read. The list started out very short, with simple books and because I was a kid with a lot of time on my hands I read most, if not all of them. Being completely serious I read anything I could get my hands on , as long as it interested me. My parents even bought my sister and I a case of Disney Little Mermaid books, it was the best!

Of course over the years the list got longer and my free time shrank or I wasted it. For the last 2 years I’ve been trying to change that. Like last year I made a list of books I want to read, it’s a lot longer but only to give me more options and I tried not to include anything I had read before (unless it was unfinished). So without, to move this post along, here is my 2018 reading list, (I have put a star on the ones I kind of started a long time ago but never finished):

  • ‘Salem’s Lot
  • A Brief History of Time*
  • Heart-Shaped Box
  • Catch-22
  • Fahrenheit 451
  • The Quantum Universe*
  • In Cold Blood
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Yes, Please
  • Ghost Story
  • A Room of One’s Own*
  • From the Earth to the Moon
  • NOS4A2
  • The Ritual
  • The Brothers Karamazov*
  • Bossy Pants
  • Welcome to Oakland
  • Rebecca
  • The Great God Pan
  • Blood Meridian
  • The Universe in a Nutshell
  • Good Omens
  • I, Robot
  • The Ruins
  • Leave Your Mark
  • Don’t Look Now
  • Hell House
  • Les Miserables

Almost 30 books and from that list I have read two of them (‘Salem’s Lot and Heart-Shaped Box), and started one (In Cold Blood). To be perfectly honest though I have read two other books this year: House of Leaves (which I started late last year) and The Left Hand of Darkness (which was also on last years list). So if I add those two then my list hits an even 30.

I don’t think I’ll finish the list or even reach 6 books by the end of the year, I really want to and I’m going to make an effort to hit at least that. As I type this the book in my bag is The Dark Half, another one I started but never finished. I didn’t really get into In Cold Blood, I do like it but life feels a little too intense as of late and I need something fictional to pull me out. I’ll finish this one for sure, certain distractions are necessary and at least reading a book is a good way to do it. That or working on something in general.

Went off topic for a second but tell me are there any books on this list you want to read or have read? About how long is your ‘To Read” list? Got any recommendations for me to add? Leave a comment if you want, or don’t, it’s your life.

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2018 Goals: Restructured and Planned http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=299 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=299#respond Sun, 29 Jul 2018 19:33:08 +0000 http://sandra.xezi.com/?p=299 Continue Reading]]> So with 2017 long gone a quick update on those goals.Did I reach them?

Not exactly.

I didn’t lose 20 pounds, maybe 10 but again if you read my last update on that then you know that I didn’t even have an accurate first weigh in due to having an old ass scale. But I did lose some.

I might not have read one book a month but I read a lot more than I would have if I didn’t have this goal.

My saving was going okay, but then sh*t happens

I definitely failed writing more and blogging consistently.
So now what? I’m halfway through the year and what goals did I make? I’ll tell you.

They’re mostly the same, but I did re-evaluated in June to make them more…attainable.

  • Lose 10 pounds.
  • Save money/pay debts
  • Read more
  • Write more

That essentially it. I did make sure to create a plan for most of these. Some were easier to plan than others.

My personal plan to lose 10 pounds:

  1. Drink a bunch of water. I bought a 72 ounce water bottle and I have two 16 ounce bottles that I use everyday. Other than coffee and the occasional glass of whiskey, that’s pretty much all I drink. I’ll add lemon or get a carbonated water every once in a while but that’s it.
  2. Eat decently everyday. What do I mean by decently? I generally eat as well as I can, I buy boneless, skinless chicken thighs (I think they’re tastier than chicken breast) and make something different almost everyday. But I’m not going to stop eating burgers and popcorn. Why Because I love them, but I will portion them so I stay in my calories. Also protein powder, I never realized I was not getting enough until I looked at my macros and wow was I severely lacking.
  3. Exercise. Now you can’t outrun a bad diet, but at least exercising can help get your heart rate up, or in my case gain some much needed strength. I try to exercise at least 4 times a week, and if I get to work early enough I go for a walk before I need to start work or take my jump rope with me.

The plan I made to save money:

  1. Add $25 to savings every month. Currently I get paid twice a month so I could do that every paycheck but some things went sideways and I am scraping by.
  2. Don’t spend on things you don’t need. I’m pretty good at this but at the same time it kind of sucks since there will be times where you wander into a store and see something you really really like. KNOWING it won’t be there the next time you go and walking away. It kinda sucks, but unless it’s a necessity it isn’t needed.
  3. Budget better. I’ve gotten a bit better at this. I’ve started an expense tracker in my bullet journal so every time I do spend money on anything (gas, groceries, etc.) I have a record of it. From there I can predict my habits and narrow things down to essentials until I can afford other things I might need.
  4. Debts…see budgeting. It’s all paying what you can when things are due ( at least the minimum) then hoping nothing gets in the way.

Writing more, reading more. I’m going to post a whole list of books I finished this year but for now this is my plan to do these things:

  1. I started the Couch to 80K Writing Boot Camp. It’s part of the podcast Death of 1000 Cuts from author Tim Clare. I’m on Week 3 Day 5 right now and it’s a total of 8 weeks, with 1 ‘day off’ per week and the episodes are short enough to fit into a tight schedule. Each episode sets aside 10 minutes for writing sandwiched between life lessons and such to help us writer stay focused.
  2. Blogging, again. It didn’t work last year but I’m not going to give up. It helps me write for the day and I am creating a schedule to keep myself accountable. For now I’m going to post at least once a week (every Sunday? Maybe?) and get into a rhythm, then hopefully after a few weeks of doing that move it to twice a week.
  3. Reading one book a month. Again, did it last year, didn’t do too bad but I’m hoping to meet the goal of 12 books by the end of December. Right now I’m reading The Dark Half by Stephen King. I did try to read it last year but again I didn’t make the time for it and had to put it away for a while. But again I’m going to finish it. Honestly as long as I reach at least 8 books I’ll be satisfied, 10 would be better, 12 amazing.

Now that’s pretty much it as far at my 2018 goals and my steps to reaching them. I’m going to try to start a few other posts so I can keep my tiny momentum going.

I hope this was at least slightly entertaining. Did you make a plan to accomplish your goals? Did you need to reevaluate like I did? If you have any helpful suggestions let me know in the comments.

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